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“How Does One Handle Evil And Diabolism In Work Environments?”

Published by on January 28th, 2020.

I once worked in the account section of a company where I was responsible for handling physical cash worth millions of naira. Some of my ‘shallow minded’ colleagues assumed that handling such cash meant that I had the privilege of diverting funds into personal use without being discovered.

There were times some would come to me and ask to give them a loan;stating that I should use my power to cover it up for a couple of days. I never succumbed to this madness, and I ended up with more enemies than friends.

Then the spiritual attack began! And when the center could no longer hold, I took a bow. One of them would later confess about 2-3 years later on how she tried to diabolically scheme her way to assume my position while I was working at that company. In fact, the plan was to oust me by snuffing life out of me, but fortunately, I got lucky.

Unfortunately, not many people were as lucky as I was. A couple of weeks ago, a family friend who worked with a Federal Establishment died after she had a disagreement with a co-worker over unaccountable funds.

She was threatened by this colleague and seven days later, she was struck with a strange and severe migraine. All evidence pointed to this colleague of hers because she usually appeared in a trance; and uses a heavy stick to hit her head continuously. The pain would be so severe that this family friend would just be screaming and calling out for help.

Then she went spiritual, and her suspicions were confirmed. But unfortunately, she died without respite.

The Federal Medical Center in one of the north central states is a dangerous zone. Deaths are recorded almost on a daily basis, and these people die in mysterious circumstances. They targets are mostly those in sensitive and highly competitive positions.

I know some people will argue that these things don’t exist; and no one has the diabolical power to snuff life out of anyone. Saying these evil don’t exist is tantamount to drawing conclusions that the devil doesn’t exist either. The truth is, Africans are surrounded with lots of evil, and you will doubt it until it happens to someone close to you.

So to the question at hand: those of you occupying sensitive positions at work, how do you deal with diabolism in your work environment? Do you fight evil with evil, or do you commit everything into God’s hand and watch as events play out?

You can contribute your inputs so others will learn how to handle such office menace and also master how to thread carefully.

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